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American Expediting - Services

Courier Services

Car, Van and Truck Couriers

Using the vehicle most appropriate for your specific package
Same Day, Rush, or Double Rush

Your call to American Expediting initiates an efficient system of service designed to quickly expedite orders. Using the industry's newest software, a Customer Service Representative immediately accesses your account which contains your address data and a history of your delivery needs. This precludes repetition and hastens the execution of your current order. Within minutes, a courier is assigned to your job and dispatched accordingly for the most precise, on-time pick-up. Once the package is delivered, the courier contacts the American Expediting Dispatch Desk with Proof of Delivery. From pick-up to destination and in between, our customers can always learn exactly where their packages are!

Bicycle Messengers

Getting your package - there are three ways:

For that small package that needs to go cross-town, there's no better courier service than a bike messenger. Able to avoid traffic jams, maneuver through construction areas, and go where cars can't, the bike messenger is one of the quickest, most cost-effective delivery agents we incorporate.All bikers are screened, trained, courteous, and appropriately attired.

Air Courier and Air Freight

Another Way We Can Help You

No need to turn to others for your cross-country air shipments-American Expediting will handle the details. It's another of our services as your single-source messenger company. Whether you've got an envelope or several skids of boxes, American Expediting will route your shipment on the first available flight to the destination city where an American Expediting agent will meet and deliver it. As with our other services, the Proof of Delivery will be transmitted immediately to the American Expediting Dispatch Desk for your notification. American Expediting has an approved FAA Standard Security Program and its couriers are all trained in the FAA rules and regulations.

Legal Services

One of Our Specialties

After years of serving the legal industry, American Expediting has emerged as a leading courier for the delivery of legal documents. Experienced in the special handling of court filings, subpoena and process service, and complaints, our messengers have earned the trust and respect of lawyers, judges and government officials around the country. Our services also include skip tracing, notary and legal research and, as with our other deliveries, up-to-date information on the status of your delivery is readily available.

Medical Services

Where Speed and Care are Essential

Trained in the importance of speed, care and attention when transporting critical medical supplies, medicines, laboratory specimens and transplant organs, American Expediting couriers are among the best-trained and most dependable medical messengers in the country. American Expediting medical messengers are familiar with OSHA requirements and regulations medically equipped with dry ice, styrofoam containers, rubber gloves and spill kits.


Computer Equipment and Accessories Handled with care, computer and related accessories make up a great portion of the deliveries made by American Expediting, compelling us to train our couriers on the special handling required by this technology. Going one step further, our dispatchers take the additional precaution of reiterating the contents of the package to the assigned messenger prior to pick up. Retail Merchandise A Growing Market Deliveries of catalogue and on-line shopping purchases are two of the current markets newly serviced by American Expediting. Our experience, reputation and dependability have worked well for this area of "instant delivery" business. The American Expediting geographical network, high-tech tracking service and transportation knowledge enables us to offer this newest sector the same quality and convenient services enjoyed by our other clients.

Time Services

Are You Short Staffed?

We provide temporary help on hourly, daily, or weekly basis. Bonded, insured messengers are available on the spot for your convenience. Mailroom personnel are available to assist in-house as well. Drivers with vehicles are provided to work directly for you.

Speciality Services

Solutions for Your Unique Situation

Warehousing enables you to quickly fulfill the supply needs of your field technicians, regular customers and service representatives. Distribution will create and implement a distribution program tailored to your needs, including scheduled/regular multiple pick-ups and deliveries, break-bulk shipments and heavyweight transportation. Exhibit Services include pick-up and transportation of your exhibit, showcase, displays or others materials, set-up and dismantling of those pieces, and return. Temporary Personnel Services has the answer: Hourly, daily, or weekly temps. Bonded, insured messengers/drivers available 'round the clock.

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